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 takehei bamboo inc. The 100th anniversary in 2015.
The traditional and avant-garde culture in Kyoto had been keepind up

the quality of

the "exceptional" bamboo poles.

Such bamboo is

used for interior,garden,art&craft and many uses

as the matelial to express the Japan.

We TAKEHEI have been thinking that
the most important thing is to distribute

the KYOTO's style 

since establishment in 1915.

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[Bamboo Fence/Garden Screen]
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[topic about Drying process of bamboo]
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[topic about komayose fence]
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[Add Pictures of Smoked Bamboo&other bamboos.]
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[Decorative Bamboo Fence/Partition]
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[bamboo Window]
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takehei's another site about the bamboo
              art works.

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[bamboo/reed screen as sunshade]
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[reed panels for ceilling]
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[bamboo / ceder weaving for ceilling]
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[bamboo panels for ceilling or wall]
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[bamboo poles for interior use]
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[topic about Madake japanese bamboo]

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[topic about susutake-smoked bamboo]

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[introduce bamboo poles,bamboo fences     ,bamboo craft work
and several uses of bamboo ]

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[introduce the Japanese exceptional bamboos]

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