Precious Bamboo Poles

Blotchy Bamboo <Shimi-Take>    
 Madake is flowring once every 120 years.When that happens,the entire standing Madake species in all over Japan withers at the same time.Althogh each poles dies about 10 years,the species repeats this 120 years cycle.About 35 years ago,Madake flowered in Japan. In the old age of the 120-years Madake species life cycle, most of all Madake develop these blemishes. It is called Shimi-take.We call this pattern Keshiki or sceanery. Each pieces has completely different Keshiki pattern. It is the individuality of Shsimi-take. We feel the joy of the beauty of the Keshiki character as same as Susu-take "fumigated bamboo".
  • しみ竹